New Submission Call! #amwriting #romance

New submission call for our upcoming anthology! We did a call for “forbidden” stories and received so many professor/student submissions that we decided to dedicate a full anthology to the theme.

The Craving Chronicles

It's Back! (3)

New anthology theme announcement: Craving Teacher.

Crave Publishing, a division of Limitless Publishing, is accepting short stories for the contemporary romance anthology Craving: TEACHER. Completed stories should be 10,000 words (7,500 minimum, 12,000 maximum, with 10,000 as the ideal length).

There’s always that one teacher or professor, the one who’s a little too hot or looks at you a little too often. And there’s always that one student, who is as precocious in the bedroom as in the classroom. And we love those steamy, sexy, forbidden stories about how the rules don’t stand a chance against chemistry.

Your story should involve a setting of college or graduate school, with a student and a professor, thesis advisor, or other similar position. The student must be over 18. You might have a male student and female teacher/instructor, or female student and male teacher. High “heat” levels are encouraged, but please don’t…

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1 thought on “New Submission Call! #amwriting #romance

  1. There’s an old joke. The common logic is to write what you know. On the other hand, were that to be true, we’d be flooded with books by college English instructors who were having affairs with one of their students. 🙂


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