Professional Editing


Books have always been the center of my world, from being a lifelong reader, to working in public libraries, to writing my own books, and editing work for other authors.

I have over fifteen years’ experience as a professional editor, working with both indie authors and publishers. I’ve been editing for Limitless Publishing for seven years–four and a half of those as Managing Editor–and love working with authors to help them make their books the best they can be.

I specialize in comprehensive copy edit, going over your manuscript word by word, line by line, and making corrections and suggestions for spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, repeated words or phrases, style consistency, plot holes, logic errors, and more. I like to leave a lot of margin comments to explain my reasoning and thought process, and encourage an ongoing dialogue with my authors. Communication is the foundation of every good edit!

I can do content editing as well, though I admit it’s not my “first love.” Content editing (or “story-doctoring”) involves a deep read-through of your manuscript, leaving lots of margin notes regarding things I do or do not like, things that don’t seem to make sense, areas you need more clarification or development, whether the characters are strong or need more depth or complexity, if the pacing is good or needs adjustment, and other things of that nature. I also provide a written summary in addition to any notes made. Not much copy editing takes place during content edits. I will mention things I notice, such as if you need to work on punctuation around dialogue, if you are using too much passive voice, etc., but that is something we’ll work on in detail during copy edits.


Each edit is unique, just as every author is unique. If you would like to discuss your project and receive a quote, please email me at Include:

  • Working title
  • Genre
  • Word count (approximate if work is not yet complete)
  • Real name and pen name (if applicable)
  • A small sample of the work (1-2 pages is fine) so I can get an idea of your needs
  • A time frame of approximately when you would like work to begin

I prefer to do at least two rounds of edits, especially with new-to-me clients. For established clients or authors whose work is extremely clean, I might agree to a single round, with the understanding you will be using a proofreader prior to publication. This is something you and I will discuss as we plan for your project. If you think your book needs a bit of extra attention, we can also discuss adding a third–or even fourth–round. Whatever you need!

I am also happy to provide a free 5-page (or so) sample edit upon request.

While each project is evaluated individually, these are approximate rate ranges for various levels of editing:

  • Single-round comprehensive copy edit: Roughly $0.006 to $0.008 per word
  • Two-round comprehensive copy edit: Roughly $0.007 to $0.01 per word
  • Additional rounds (if requested): Roughly $0.005 to $0.006 per word, per additional round
  • Content editing (story-doctoring): Roughly $0.01 to $0.02 per word


I send all invoices via PayPal.

I try to be flexible and accommodating for authors, because I know firsthand how difficult it can be to finance all the services necessary to release a well-written, well-edited book. However, business is business, so some policies must be maintained.

For first-time clients doing a two-round edit, one half the total invoice is payable upon my receipt of the manuscript, prior to starting the first round of edits. The second half will be payable upon start of the second round. Single-round edits for first-time clients is due upon receipt of your manuscript.

After that, once we have an established business relationship, I can be a lot more lenient. I always send invoices upon receipt of your manuscript. Prompt payment is always appreciated, but must be received no later than 24 hours after I return the completed edit to you. I promise to always give you my best work and not miss deadlines, and in return I have to trust my authors to make sure payments are made in a reasonable time frame.


I’m easy to find on Facebook! Message me there any time.

Email is monitored throughout the day, so feel free to write me at


“Lori has meticulously edited a dozen books for me, including three that became RWA RITA® Finalists. Her attention to detail is outstanding, she always delivers on time, and is an absolute joy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!”  –Nikki Sloane, USA Today Bestselling Author

“I don’t know what I would do without Lori. She’s amazingly fast, efficient, and friendly. Most importantly, she points out what she’s fixing, and most importantly, why. I feel lucky to work with her, and I’ll take all my books to her for as long as I can.” –Kathryn Ann Kingsley, Author of the best selling Masks of Under and Immortal Soul series

“I’ve been using Lori Whitwam’s editorial services since the start of my career as an indie author back in 2012, and have lost count of the number of books she’s worked on for me. I can’t speak highly enough of her work. I’ve learned a lot during my time working with her. She’s thorough, efficient, and has never let me down or missed a deadline. You won’t regret using Lori’s editing services.”  –Marissa Farrar – USA Today Bestselling Author

“Lori Whitwam is an exceptional editor. I have learned more from her during the last three years than I have through my entire writing career. She is professional, helpful, always available to answer questions and will make any author a better writer if they are willing to learn.”  –Apryl Baker, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Lori has been my editor since 2015, and I love that she offers more than just a simple edit. She never changes who I am, just shows me another way to look at things. Your book couldn’t be in better hands!” – J.L. Drake, Amazon Best Seller

“Lori does much more than add commas and fix typos–she teaches. I’m a better writer because of her.”  —AJ Sinclair, Author of In Her Company

“Lori is fantastic! I love working with her so much, I arrange my releases around her schedule because I refuse to work with anyone else. With her talent and her guidance, Lori turns a manuscript in to a gem, all polished and shined. If you’re looking for an editor whose goal is to make your novel the best it can be, I cannot recommend Lori enough.”  —Bella J, Author of the Royal Mafia series

“I’ve worked with Lori for years, at times for both copy and content editing. I love her work. She’s incredible. And even now, I’m still blown away by her copy editing skills.”  —Eden Summers, International Bestselling Author