Weekend Craft Update

This weekend was a mixed bag of knitting. I continued work on the current zig-zag scarf, and it will be done soon.


I got a little bored with it, though, and am getting twitchy for  what’s next. I did the sample swatch below to try out the stitch pattern for the blanket I want to make.

It doesn’t look as intricate as the pattern photo, though. It could be the yarn. That blue isn’t what I plan to do it in; I have two cakes of Lion Brand Mandala yarn in “gnome” (rainbow) that I was going to use, but it’s a lighter weight and would take forever to make a big enough throw. So now I’m not sure. I might use some heather gray yarn I have around.

I have several rows of the Mandala yarn on circular needles right now, and I think it’s too lightweight, but I wanted to get the feel for using circular needles. I love the stainless steel points on the ChiaoGoo needles, but the way the cable slightly restricts movement  and having to be careful not to tangle yarn around it will take getting used to.

This morning, I finally blocked my first scarf. I don’t normally wear scarves, but this is lightweight and I might be able to wear it to an event this Saturday night, as it should be cool after dark.  We shall see.

That’s pretty much it. I binge-watched season 2 of The Santa Clarita Diet, then was sad it was over, so re-watched seasons 1 and 2 again. They need to have 50-episode seasons, and new seasons monthly, for at least ten years. Seriously. I love this show, Netflix, so get on that, okay?

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