Starting Over

Once upon a time, in 2000-a-long-time-ago, I had a blog called Fermented Fur. I had so much fun with that blog, finding the humor in things like sub-zero temperatures and blizzards and my nose freezing shut when I sniffed (we lived in Minnesota), my dogs and their attempts to drive me insane or perhaps kill me, my weird insecurities and idiosyncrasies, the monumental annoyances of Other People, and the ins and outs of managing a holistic veterinary practice.

But life got in the way, I got busy…and I started writing and editing books. Fast forward to now. We finally got tired of being frozen for eight months out of the year and escaped to coastal North Carolina in 2013. I wrote a couple more books, edited many more, and took a position as the Managing Editor for Limitless Publishing.

Parts of this are super awesome. I work from my World Headquarters and Petting Zoo, better known as the couch in my family room. Instead of migraine-inducing co-workers, I have the direwolves, Mozzie and Oliver, and you will soon know much more about them than you ever thought you wanted to know, should you dare to stick around. I have a nice view of the woods behind the house. No makeup, bra, or shoes required, copious amounts of golden retriever hair mandatory. The editing part is fantastic. The book writing has become less so.


Mozzie and Oliver, editorial assistants and blog-helpers, collectively known as the Direwolves or #Mozziver

Being an author is everyone’s dream, right? Yeah…not so much. Writing is frightfully hard–and the writing is the easy part. Going through revisions, edits, formatting, cover design, proofreading, release day, all the parts of making a manuscript a book are orders of magnitude harder than the writing, and the never-ending marketing, promoting, networking, and pimping is monumentally worse. All this while being pressured, mostly by your own stupid, masochistic brain, to write more books.

I wasn’t happy anymore. I’ll never stop editing, because I really love taking a rough manuscript, making it shine, and helping the author achieve their dream. I’ll never stop writing, either, but damn do I hate being an author. Not the books themselves, but all the frustrating, endless work that comes along with the books.

When was I happy? When I was writing Fermented Fur.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Furmented Fur 2.0 has been christened Furwood Forest. I’ll get back into that warped, quirky, sometimes jaded, dog-infatuated part of my brain and see what’s rattling around up there. I’ll recycle some Classic Fermented Fur, because most of the people I know now weren’t around for version 1.0, so you’ll get to meet some of the old dog crew, like Sprocket, Ozark, Brody, and Darwin.

And that’s it. Adios to authoring, welcome back to blogging. Hope you’ll visit often! I’ll try to figure out how to do a “subscribe” option, but it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and it’s all changed. Above all, comment! Comments make bloggers happy and keep us motivated to blog harder to amuse you. 🙂

Welcome to Furwood Forest, Home of the Direwolves.

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