Kicking Knitting’s Keister

Last night, just as this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was about to start, I finished my first official knitting project since began teaching myself a couple of weeks ago. It was a close call, nearly cutting into my customary adult beverages and the moderation of my live chat with fellow Dead-fans to discuss the goings-on in fictional Alexandria and environs.

Until this project, which is theoretically a dishcloth but will never touch detergent or greasy food residue, I’d been doing swatches in various stitch combinations until I felt I had enough of a grasp of basic skills to try something else. I chose this because it’s simple stitches that would show me if I am being consistent in technique and tension, and it made me focus on the pattern that changed row to row. I’m a total pro at reading crochet patterns, but knitting is still new to me.

I also chose it because, of course…dogs.

I got through it without significant screw-ups, which is fortunate because I’m still iffy about how to fix things. Casting off is still cumbersome, which it shouldn’t be. It’s an easy technique. I think I knit too tightly.

28516438_10213928061648126_1479260128075639816_o (1)

So, what do you think? Maybe I’ll make a couple more and work up some sort of wall hanging. I’m waiting for some fun new yarn to be delivered, as well as my first set of circular needles.

Now, I have to get caught up on the edits I have on the calendar this week so I can add some other new technique to my knitting skill set.

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