Brain Vacation

I’ve had a stressful, busy week, so other than some light editing, I’m giving my brain the day off. There will be knitting, TV, time with the Direwolves, and Tom has suggested pizza and movie night. When he gets home, he’s bringing pizza from a place with wood-burning ovens we’ve been meaning to try. Right now, I think the movie will be Three Billboards.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of my day, as always, featuring Mozzie and Oliver.

2 thoughts on “Brain Vacation

  1. Gorgeous pictures….I love the ‘downward dog’ your Poodle is mastering. Our brown Labrador Dudley is constantly at it…it is his go to stretch of choice. I might even write a post about it….


    • It’s such a poodle move, elegant and adorable. One of these days I’ll get a video of the “poodle pounce” or how he takes these springing bounds like a gazelle when he’s running.


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