Just Look At The Flowers…

Last spring, I still had five rose bushes. I also had two puppies, who are 17 months (Oliver) and 19 months (Mozzie) today. By last fall, I had one rose bush, and it’s definitely the worse for wear. The other four are…gone. Not destroyed or torn up. Obliterated. The three-tier raised garden beds weren’t planted last year, because I’m not a total imbecile. The Direwolves decided the gardens were puppy jungle gyms, so I’ll be scavenging the boards for parts.

At any rate, I’m sticking to my deck rail planters and some large pots on the deck. And as it’s getting springy in eastern North Carolina, we made an outing to get some flowers today. It will be a while before they fill out, but it feels good to be doing something summery.

There are four of the rectangular rail planters and two of the round pots.

We also went to the craft store because the tiny row counter I had has decided to play hide and seek way too often, last night somehow getting completely under the recliner by my couch, way in the middle of the square wooden frame beneath it. I’d just about decided Oliver had eaten it. But I got a bigger one, the red object I sort of chopped out in the image below.


The yarn is nothing special; I just liked the colors. I wish the one indie yarn shop in town hadn’t closed last year. Now that I’m knitting, I’d love some boutique and specialty yarns. With crochet, my projects tended to be larger scale, making fancy yarn cost-prohibitive.

With the plants planted, it’s time to work on my Rolling Meadows scarf. It’s about 10″ long so far. These images aren’t the best, because this scarf will need a good bit of blocking when done to show off the shape and pattern, so I just stretched it out so you could get an idea.

Information on the pattern and yarn used can be found HERE on yesterday’s post.

Thank goodness I don’t have to cook today! We have guests this weekend, and we went  out to lunch, and have a fridge full of leftover pizza from last night.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be butt-planted on the couch now, knitting and watching Doctor Who, until 9:00 when tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead starts. I host a live chat in a private Facebook group, so if you’re interested, send me a message on Facebook and ask me to add you!

Spring Is In The Air


It’s my favorite time of year–spring in eastern North Carolina.

We moved here from Minnesota for exactly this reason. Sure, there are times summer feels like a sauna inside a blast furnace, but I still prefer that to putting on seven layers of clothes, boots, and a hat just to get the mail.

During those brief chilly months–generally mid-November to about now–my daily wardrobe consists of leggings and long-sleeve shirts. Remember I work at home and leave my domain as infrequently as possible. If I do go out, I wear jeans because nobody I’m not married to needs to see me in leggings, comfy though they might be. The rest of the year it’s stretchy shorts and t-shirts or tank tops and bare feet.

The warm weather wardrobe change has begun, which brings certain issues to light. Yes, the leg and shoulder tattoos will be able to breathe again, but now dry, scaly winter skin must be dealt with.


Since I’ve started watching Doctor Who, you can expect a lot of these…

I remember being a teenager, when spotting one missed hair on your supposedly shaved legs was a crisis. Now, if I don’t look like a bear from across the room, I’m okay. Still, I want to go to the beach soon, and some standards must be maintained, so I need to locate a razor that won’t shred my legs like a cheese grater.

Beach weather also means sandals and flip-flops. After three months during which I remember to trim toenails only when they threaten to poke holes in the toes of my socks, it’s time to check the nail polish basket in my bathroom and get to work.

We’re also in that brief window during which we have warm weather but few bugs. And letting the dogs in and out (and in and out and in and out and inandout) means no matter how careful I am, some of these bugs will get in the house. They hitch rides on the dogs, or fly in while I’m telling Mozzie no, I do not have a towel or a brush in my hand and nobody is standing within reach of the freezer and it’s safe for him to come in. Some of my most annoying bug bites have occurred on my own couch by insect sneak-attack. They itch more when you’re not expecting it.


The good thing is I already have my beach body. Meaning I have a body, and it will be at the beach as often as possible. Period. Nobody expects me, at my age, to have sleek thighs and firm upper arms, perky boobs, and a flat tummy. I wear my one-piece suits with a skirt and a sun hat, and all is right with my world. I no longer strive for a dark tan, as I don’t tan so much as I turn to leather, so when I’m not walking or swimming, I’m under my umbrella, often wearing a cover-up.


Oh, look. There’s another one!

If we were still in Minnesota, we’d have at least three more months ahead in which it could snow.

No. Just…no.

If you need me, if I’m not here on the couch in my World Headquarters and Petting Zoo, you’ll find me here…


And if it’s not too hot, I might have company.

Beach Boys